Enough Of Open Houses- Feel It To Buy It

Real estate marketing can be interesting and really innovative if you are experimental enough to try some of these creative tips and ideas. It doesn’t click every time to use the same marketing ideas. You must be creative and you have to try new things to get attention of customers. There are so many ways and chapters to unfold as you explore marketing for real estate agents.

Invite the customer to stay

This is a completely new concept, but worth remembering and worth trying. When you buy a car you always take a test drive. But the real estate customers would not dare ask you for a test stay. But still you can make it happen. It’s something innovative, and mind it, it’s not insane.

The thing is, when you are buying a home or house to be used for the next few years or decades, you must be totally sure about how it feels, how the tempo is, how it makes you comfortable or if it doesn’t, or what. To know all things you will have to stay and realize. Unless you start staying, you will never know. However you cannot tell the prospective customer to stay for a month and have the feel. But something lesser and fun can be arranged for.

You can arrange for a weekend stay for the prospective customer. A weekend is to relax, and this becomes fun with some party, music and barbeque, when you have guests at home. Be the host at the property, and tell the customer to visit and stay for the 2 nights. Let it be relaxation as well as the experiment for them, and if they find it a smooth stay, they would instantly fall in love with the Vancouver real estate investment.

This is something different, and should be tried when you are already trying the dozens of other age old ways to move your listing. Photos and videos are not always enough, and you need something more. Just like you put a cloth on trial in the trial room, and ride the car for an hour to test, you must realize that the weekend stay will have the same impact on the prospective customer.

Try it and then buy it

Open houses were enough, and now the modern day marketing for real estate agents should be making the prospective customer feel it. The more you intrigue your customer into the property, and the more warmth and feel the property can bring on the customer, the more attached they will be towards the place. That is the logic which can turn the game in your favor.

5 Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons for Low-Cost Promotion

Beacons are small transceivers which work by using the Bluetooth technology. These bring a whole new dimension to customer and dealer interactions. The iBeacon is a popular beacon device from the stable of Apple Inc while Eddystone is the other popular one from Google. This type of technology is still in the nascent stages and more Beacon based services have to be created by developers for varied platforms. However, even in this initial stage, they are proving to be effective for businesses in many ways. Know how you can use them for low cost promotion of your products and services.

Display product-based messages

You can send out information in brief to the phones and other digital devices used by customers when they come within a specific distance of particular products. The best features and pros of the products can be highlighted for the benefit of customers. Buyers can be assured that they are making informed purchase decisions.

Showcase brief adverts

Consumers can easily be notified about the offers available or the newest items to hit the store. Customers will not find these intrusive, as these are not useless messages. They can get targeted and store-specific as well as product-specific information.

Offering guidance and alerts

You can also send out messages related to the products and services being opted for by loyal customers, and let them know about other similar offerings in the same price range – from the same brand or other brands. Valuable ads and messages can be sent to the phone of customers, which can act as low-cost promotional mediums. The best part is obviously the lack of human interference.

Improve content management system

Beacons are transceivers and act as two-way marketing devices. This means you can also get information about customer preferences, budget and product or service loyalty. Knowledge of customer interests can let you design better campaigns and improve the content management system (CMS) already existing with your business.

Quick customization of campaigns

You can also customize your marketing campaigns faster with these units. If you find a specific set of marketing messages failing to produce the desired results, you can simply tweak them and make them more suitable for customers. The adjustment can be done very easily and within a couple of hours you can set the units in a different way, so as to make the promotional messages are better oriented to the needs of customers.

A Definite Guide To Market Yourself As A Realtor

The difference between success and failure is perseverance and the right kind of marketing. Believe it or not but in today’s world it has become all about how well you can sell yourself. Every service now has become a brand name and it all depends on how well you advertize this name. Sitting in your office and working all day long is not enough anymore. In fact it does no good at all.

Here is a step by step guide to help you understand how a coal harbour realtor markets himself. You already know the mediums but the strategy part is the focal point here.

Things You Need To Know To Get Your Ducks In A Row

Whenever you are planning anything at all, a proper methodology is imperative. This is true for marketing as well. So here are the stages that you would want to cover.

Analyze It All

Before deciding on a particular plan you should analyze the market thoroughly. You should understand what the value of property is and how much profit is practical to set as a target. Also you should be aware of what buyers want. Getting into the planning mode without being aware of these key aspects will make you fall flat on your face later.

Explore And Experiment

It is not enough to only analyze. There is no certain way of knowing what will work and what will not unless you try some options. Making mistakes is alright as long as you learn something from those mistakes. There are so many ways and methods to advertize your brand. Understand what will work in your area.

Evaluate Your Ventures

Now you know what has worked for you and what did not. You want to market yourself on the aspects that worked in your favor. When one makes mistakes and learns, it helps in better decisions in future.


Now that you have evaluated all your options and you know the mediums that work in your area, it is time to be creative and make the most of these options. As a thumb rule technology always works better but if your prospective buyers are an older lot, going old school is the best.

Keep Room For Shortfalls

You are a human and so you will make mistakes.

With these tips in mind you can keep reinventing your marketing strategy from time to time depending on what the current demand is.

How To Indians Made Money Flipping Houses In Vancouver

A beautiful city in Western Canada, Vancouver is home to masses of people that are looking for work and a way to support themselves in a tough economic climate.  This large city has plenty to offer for jobs, a characteristic that is making many people head there in search for a more profitable career that could be short or long term.  The problem with this city, however, is the price of real estate.  If you are looking to work the average job and still support yourself living in a comfortable home close to the centre of the city, you’re going to have a tough time.  This, however, is a great time for those that are looking to profit in the career of flipping homes.

While all property is expensive in Vancouver right now, this ends up benefiting those who flip houses in the end.  Imagine, buying a run down and neglected for a decent price, and then using your skills to turn it into this beautiful and quaint home in a great selling area.  You could make a fortune off it, easily in the millions with the way the market is right now.  For those who do their own work with minimal need for contractors, this is an elusive and very successful business to get into.

Anywhere else in the country – or world, really, as Vancouver is ranked as one of the most expensive places to live right now – this isn’t exactly a beneficial business, because the price of a house isn’t as high as it needs to be in order to make a good profit off of it, no matter how nice it is.  Vancouver is the best place for those in the business of flipping houses to invest their time and money, with Toronto, ON, not far behind in prices.

The key with making the most out of flipping houses in Vancouver is to make sure you do your research on where is the prime spot that people are looking for in real estate.  Make sure you choose a house that is perfect for the image in your head, and is one that is priced well to allow you the maximum potential to make money off of it.

Another thing to keep in mind is how long the house will take to be vamped up to the quality that you have in mind.  While the price in Vancouver is high and continues to climb higher and higher, you need to make sure that you keep in mind the fact that, eventually, the rates will start to fall again, and you’ll need to get out ahead of that and get the house on the market.

Flipping homes is a great business oppourtunity for those who have the skills, insight, and motivation to be able to see the project through from start to finish.  That being said, it also takes some business sense in that you have to keep the real estate market in mind and make sure that you don’t lose your window of oppourtunity by taking too long to flip it.  That market will start to fall again, and buyers will disappear faster than you can turn around as everyone tries to grab the perfect house.

For those that are known to the business, flipping homes is a great option in locations that have a lot of rundown homes and buildings that are available at great prices.  Since the market is high right now, those in the business are going to find that they will be the best ones to benefit (along with any other sellers in the are) from the skyrocketing price of real estate in Vancouver.  While the rest of the world waits to see how high the number is going to go until it starts to fall again, home flippers are hoping that it stays high for as long as possible.

For more information about flipping houses, message Eddie Yan.


Branding with content marketing

Information reaches the center of each model. There is a period when all of the information produced with a business was within the type of Advertisements. And be achieved with it and companies used to start a strategy. With online use of information growing, clients do research and acquire substantial understanding of your competition as well as about your goods, companies significantly before your salesforce reaches them. Hence it’s become important to provide gain thought leadership and useful information within one’s prospective customers’ heads.

Nevertheless information is of different kinds. Beginning with the the top of information chart where you’ve ebooks and Whitepapers you are able to visit the underside of the chart where you’ve Social and Tweets Media articles. The process will be to connect them all cohesively so that they work-in unison to produce that ideal integrated picture of the model. A powerful Content-Marketing Strategy becomes essential.

Consider these advantages of a powerful Content-Marketing Strategy:

1. Information Creates Value for People

Unlike advertisements, information creates value for customers. It offers customers of applying that information within their own existence or function which advertisements are at doing very bad ways. All of the customers today browse the information online much prior to making a purchase decision. And internet surfers are familiar with ignoring conventional advertisements that surround information. Since they’re trading their precious time reading it they find quality value in the information.

2. It’s Extremely Economical

PPC campaigns are excellent at generating prospects and are also paid social networking ads. However the second you stop purchasing them, the prospects flow stops. Contrast this having a very useful website, which might not return much more prospects, but its shelf life is considerably longer. It brings long after it’s created and will continue to create client attention.

3. Could be designed for your Buying Cycle

Various clients occupy different jobs inside your purchasing cycle. So that they also require information that helps them move ahead to another part of the sales channel. A well-created content approach has got the capability to focus on all such requirements by generating information that’s appropriate for each one of the purchasing levels.

4. Information, and never Advertisements build Relationships

A powerful information strategy develops long haul relationships that exceed immediate income. Useful and normal information improves your manufacturer towards a specialist from the simple placement of the seller’s degree. Advertisements about the other hand possess a short-life as well as their capability to develop long haul relationships is extremely poor.

5. Assists in Traffic and SEO Goals

A well- content method that is managed it is therefore an excellent enhancement for meeting SEO goals and immediately assists in building links back. One Vancouver SEO claims that SEO without backlinks is possible. Webmasters and writers usually search for options to connect to valuable information. If that can be provided by your brand, it is simple to piggyback on the status to construct your personal company. This ultimately helps in two ways. You might benefit from search traffic when the position increases. Or even, referral traffic is that link back for your information brought by web sites and assist you to obtain your traffic goals.

6. It fine-tunes your company focus

You may surprise. But, the act of thinking in regards to what type of information must be created, in what type as well as when to be produced, will generate a backward integration that’ll get one to your business objectives and eventually for your marketing strategy. It will help plug missing space you might have had inside your business strategy since whenever you think about information strategy, you’re very near to their needs and your visitors.

Marketing for Construction Companies – Low-Cost Online Advertising Methods

The construction industry is looking up again after a long hiatus, with smaller towns witnessing major demand in house building. This has however, led to more and more construction companies coming up and increased competition between owners. The lack of promotion is proving to be a bane for construction companies which still rely on the old-school methods of personal contact and traditional advertising mediums which are too expensive to afford. The following are 5 online marketing methods which can be quite useful in bringing your business to notice.

Banner Advertising

This type of advertising consists of creation of a graphic ad which is put then on websites that are relevant. When interested online users click on such ads, they will be directed to the website or blog dedicated to your business. Banner advertising is one of the successful ways of promoting businesses online, although often neglected – which means you can beat the competition more easily.

Pay Per Click Advertising

In this kind of marketing, you have to bid on specific search terms or keywords such as “best local construction company” or “affordable construction firm”. After you have done this, online users will view ads when they look up those search terms or associated keywords on search engines.

Article Marketing

It is another popular method of marketing online. You can write articles on your services or even write on informative topics related to construction, real estate and architecture and post them in online directories for publishing. Considering the massive reach of the web, you can expect numerous users to know about your business and many of them to turn into your clients.

Email Marketing

Such kind of marketing makes use of email ids for the promotion of new offers and items, so that prospective buyers are able to know about the latest market trends. You can achieve good success with email marketing if you are able to do it right.

Video Marketing

With the surge in the popularity of online videos and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion, video marketing has gained a lot of prominence. Video ads can easily be shot, and you can use your own creativity to shoot quite a few on your own even with your own smartphone. There is no high cost of production associated with video marketing. Increased competition has brought prices down, and the cost of video marketing campaign is lower than standard advertising.

MobMe Blazes New Trail with Mobile Governance

MobME Wireless Solutions is rated one of India’s most innovative companies by NASSCOM, the National Association of Software and Services Companies, India. Founded by a passionate group of engineering students, MobME has grown in a span of four years from a DST (Department of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India) funded start-up in Trivandrum, Kerala to a team of 100 people across Trivandrum, Cochin, Mumbai and Delhi.

MobME’s partners and clientele include major Indian Telecom Operators like Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Tata Indicom, BSNL and MTNL, Media Companies like NDTV, Network 18, Dainik Bhaskar, Mid-day, and Mathrubhumi, as well as Enterprises like Kolkata Knight Riders, Kingfisher, A1 Team India and Café Coffee Day.  MobME also works closely with closely with the State Governments of Kerala, Goa, Nagaland and Central Government departments like the Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of India).

MobME effectively uses Open Source technologies to build scalable platforms, allowing the company to provide technology solutions of very high quality standards at extremely competitive prices. MobME’s line of work can primarily be classified into three – Mobile Value Added Services, Core Network Solutions, and Enterprise Solutions.

From India’s first peer to peer Mobile Content Sharing platform (Mobshare) to the Nation’s Largest GPRS based subscription service (Picture Posts), MobME is a uniquely positioned player in the Mobile Value Added Services industry. With a slew of new products in the making and expansion of services to more Telecom Operators, MobME continues to fuel its exponential growth in the domain.

MobME is one of the key players in the Core Network Solutions space with live Telecom systems across the length & breadth of the country. The company serves several leading Telecom Operators with a wide range of Innovative Platforms on SMS, Voice and USSD. These platforms have been revolutionary in terms of effectiveness, flexibility as well as pricing models and have continued to stand the test of time. The Company’s flagship product ZULO (Zero-User-Latch-On Alerts), is the first of its kind in India and has helped clients sustain & grow revenues in-spite of the tough competition they face in the cluttered Indian telecom-space.

The Enterprise Solutions Division offers a range of Information and Communication Technology Solutions to Brands, Businesses, Banks and Government Institutions with an extensive set of hosted solutions to fulfill their communication needs over SMS, Voice, Data & other Mobile Technologies.

One of the major focus-areas of the company is Mobile Governance, popularly known as M-Governance. MobME works very closely with Central and State Government Departments, Nodal Agencies, Telecom Network Operators & Regulatory Bodies for empowering the citizens of the country. M-Governance is part of a broader phenomenon of mobile-enabled development, taking electronic services and making them available using devices such as mobile phones. M-Governance has the potential to help make public information and governance services available “anytime, anywhere” to citizens and officials and provides the much needed last-mile-connectivity for e-Governance systems in developing countries like India.

MobME is a pioneer in Mobile Governance initiatives in India. The Company was awarded the first comprehensive M-Governance project in the country by the State Government of Kerala. As the execution agency, MobME has also been vested with the responsibility of formulating the M-Governance strategy for the state. A comprehensive and integrated Service Delivery Platform using Voice, Signaling and Data has been created to roll out the various services. Following the success of the ongoing M-Governance Project in Kerala, MobME has also been awarded M-Governance projects in several other states like Goa and Nagaland.

MobME thrives on Innovation. In 2006, MobME was among the finalists at the Lockheed Martin India Innovates Program and was rated as one of India’s 100 Innovative Startups by Nasscom. In 2007, MobME became the youngest team to be featured in the list of Nasscom 100 IT Innovators, a list which included Companies like Texas Instruments, HP and Infosys. MobME was also featured in the Wall Street Journal list of “10 Startups to watch for in India” and voted by Nasscom as India’s Most Innovative Startup in 2008. In 2009, MobME was featured by Nasscom as one of the “50 Emerging IT Companies in India”. Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is among the strong supporters of this young and enterprising company and had personally invited the founders to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan during his tenure.

One of the key highlights on how MobME is able to influence the society at large is that after being the first Technology Business Incubated Company at Technopark, the state-Government owned IT-park in Kerala, the company is now partnering with Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India to setup the first PPP (Public Private Partnership) Model Technology Business Incubator in India. This incubator would focus on the Telecom-sector. This creates a unique model of sustainable entrepreneurship and the mandate is to incubate the next 100 campus-startup companies over a period of five years.


The vision of the founders is to herald the dawn of a silicon coast in India. With a country that is growing at an amazing pace and an economy expected to become one among the top three globally, MobME aims to be the front runner of the classic Silicon Valley story of ‘Campus to Corporate’ and IPOs. The company is growing at over 200% annually and is in the process of raising further investment for a proposed IPO between 2013-2014.


This company profile was written by Aaron Goerge, candidate for a MPhil in Technology Policy at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Content Marketing Changes in India

For a long time, like a PR professional you’ve frequently shared information about latest business information with select media outlets study by your target customers. But recently your visitors have already been saying they have no idea much concerning products or the company. Why? What is improved? A Vancouver SEO company breaks it down:

Some reasons:

– Print media outlets which you have already been targeting to date are losing viewers because they proceed to online systems to make the most of longer shelf life and information immediacy
– their reading practices have improved to today supply data from fun online situations like sites search engines, boards and social networking tools
– you may be not offering the type of data your target clients are trying to find, offline or online
Print media outlets need time to obtain out their information to visitors, based on their publishing frequency. Also people who submit information daily, suffer with insufficient client attention for information that’s currently out each day online. Does that mean printing is dying? Obviously not, they’ll be there. But will probably offer different type of information to distinguish.

We reside in a connected world; a world where our cultural and individual, skilled lives are connected across the Internet. Changing exactly what is available with it in contact, the Web is operating a substantial change in client reading habits too. Print exists but can be used for finding various type of information needs.

For info on service or any product a target client will probably search engines on the web. Why? Well, since it can be obtained on personalized and demand to specific needs. Such things as functions to consider, service problems, customer comments, press reviews, company experiences, use experiences, best offers are offered at the press of the button. And by not providing information similar to this on the internet shops for example search engines, internet, social networking you’re prone to miss out .

You’re not offering content customers are searching for

What exactly are your visitors searching for? Is there a method to know what they have to understand? While searching for information, target customers haven’t any predetermined search patterns. Everyone has their particular method of doing it.

For eg. A person while buying “water filter” might not really begin by trying to find “best water purifier manufacturers ” choosing to find “RO water purifiers” or “RO + ultraviolet water purifiers”. At this time he’s still not choose manufacturers to utilize. But by not being the origin of his data mission, a water filter manufacturer will probably miss out to some competitor who has a clear to see Infographic on “why RO+UV water devices is sensible” subtly integrating manufacturer brand, URL as well as an offer within the infographic. Additionally he might also get customer connections once the potential client downloads the infographic, for offline conversion.

Find your articles search listed on related web shops that’ll permit you to repurpose information optimized as well as provide backlinks.

You’d prosper to build up and discuss information that the target clients are most likely looking beyond providing only organization centric information.